Thursday, September 12, 2019

MIX-Ability challenge Onions and Birds

I have been having so much fun this week making what I thought was a project for this week's MIX-Ability challenge for SCS, only to find out when I was done that the challenge had been changed on Tuesday. I was so busy creating I didn't check. So I felt a little bit of a rush to make a project. Good thing that it was a really easy one to do. The challenge is to take a gel print or any decorative paper  put a die cut image on paper, trace and paint around that with black acrylic paint. 
I had this gel print that I made sometime in the past few weeks. It was made with 



To be mixed media, it needed more than one medium and even after I painted around my little bird, I had used only acrylic paint. So I decided to try the asemic writing again. This time I varied the length of the markings. I think it helped to make it look more like writing. I used the end of my paint brush to add the little eye with acrylic paint. 

This was definitely a fun technique that I will try again. If you like the stencil or little die cut bird and want to add them to your crafting stash, you can use this discount code to get 20% off of your order.

Happy Crafting and have a blessed weekend. 


  1. How beautiful!!! I so love the technique and love the writing around the image as well!!!

  2. What a wonderful result MariLynn - love the way you used the die cut to create an 'image' surrounded by the background