Tuesday, April 28, 2020

God's presence - hymnal- bible art journal.

These two songs were my playlist as I made this page in my art journal.

I took my hymnal and photocopied  "My Savior's Love"

I then made a reduced size (75%) copy that would fit in my journal. I did it on white cardstock.

I am going to do step by step to show you how I drew and painted the pansies on my page.
I started by drawing a circle.

Then I drew a petal to the left of the circle. Don't worry about making it perfect because the imperfections is what makes it look more real. I think it looks more like a coloring book if it is perfect. 

Next I drew a petal to the right of the circle. I think it looks like a bow tie here.

The next petal is the bottom petal. I think it looks like a 3 turned on the side.

The next petal I overlapped with the left petal.  It kinda reminded me of the venn diagrams I had to do in math class.
Image result for venn diagram

Then I drew the last petal. overlapping the two adjacent petals.

Then I drew 2 lines for the stem.

To the right of the pansy I am putting a bud. I started by drawing an oval.

I then made the top part of the sepal. It looks like a squished v on its side.

The rest of the sepal look like a M on its side.

For the bud I drew a "C" shape backwards and on its side.

Finished the bud with another smaller curved line.

I drew two little lines to the left of the bud.

Then drew two lines connecting to the two smaller lines to make the stem

I drew on leaf a squished "V" upside down and slanted.

The next leaf started as a single line.

Then I drew a kinda squished rectangle.

Time to paint. To paint my pansies I knew I wanted 3 colors of purple.  A Blue/Purple, a Purple, and a Red/Purple. I painted the 3 colors on a scratch paper to see how they looked together.

I painted the bottom petal with the Blue purple. I didn't worry about shape, I just colored in the pencil lines like a coloring book.

I painted this petal with Red/Purple.

Bud with Purple.

This petal with Purple

This part of bud with Blue/Purple



Olive green

Then I just added some green olive paint brush strokes to make some grass.

I highlighted the words about God's presence with the Purple
and made the ground with the Olive.

I added yellow to the center of the pansy.

I knew I wanted to splatter the page but didn't want it to get on my pansies so I cut up some scrath paper into circles to mask them.

And happily splattered away with all the colors except yellow that I used on the painting.

When I knew for sure that everything was completely dry I carefully erased the pencil marks.

I went to put it in my bible art journal, but it looked too plain.

So I masked the page to the left and slipped a piece of typing paper in between this page and the next, I splattered the journal. 

I decided I wanted a little more definition to my flowers so I took some markers. I scribbled them on scratch paper to find ones close in color to my painting. I then just scribble outlined the petals, stems and leaves. 

I then went to put it in my journal but it still was missing something. 

I decided to take a straight edge and a really deep purple marker to make a frame. I also added the words at the bottom of the journal Abide with me. To combine the two songs I listened to. 

I know this was a super long post, but I hope it encourages you to create. Thank you God for your presence that is always with me. 

Monday, April 27, 2020

Mixed media bible art journal page on hope. Hebrews 10:23

I made this mixed media bible art journal page with 

The other day I use my gel plate and the stencil and acrylic paint to make a monotype. I made a couple of ghost prints on typing paper. I didn't use them for a project, in fact, I thought they were going to be nothing more than scratch paper. I had it sitting on my desk and wondered what it would look like if I watercolored on it. I then added some art ink pens to doodle around the flowers and the leaves. I then added white highlights to the leaves with a white gel pen. Then I started the lettering. I used a thick sharpie marker for the down strokes. I used a thin sharpie pen for the uspstrokes. I used the white gel pen to help the letters stand out more. If you would like to add this stencil to your stash, you can use my design code below to get 20% off your STAMPlorations order. 

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Mixed media Plaid-

For SCS this week the mix-ability challenge is to make plaid with crossing lines, since we can't cross paths with people in real life because of the virus crisis.  The media I used for my projects were water color pencils, water color paint, and arteza ink pens. 
 I started by drawing lines on the cardstock with the watercolor pencils. 

I water colored poppies and splattered the cardstock. 

 I cut my cardstock into 2 ATC's. (Artist Trading Cards) I then wrote scriptures about anxiety on the back. 

Second project. Showing the water colored pencils.

I sprayed the cardstock with water to activate the water color pencils. 

Then I painted more poppies. 

I cut little circles of typing paper to cover the poppies so I could splatter the page.

I drew little music notes and I doodled with my pen around the edges of the poppies and drew in the stems. 

I added a scripture and put it in my bible art journal. I went around the edges with gold paint to add some interest. 

Third project. I decided to make the plaid further apart and I watercolored some decorative pear blossoms. I added the scripture and I am going to put in my bible art journal.