Tuesday, July 24, 2018

World Watercoloring Month day 24 Monochromatic Mood

When I read the prompt for today I only read the first part Monochromatic so I painted 2  monochromatic paintings of pine cones. It wasn't until I started posting that I saw the word Mood. I guess that my mood would be peaceful. Out in nature picking up pine cones. 
My first painting I sketched it first and then painted it.
For my second painting I thought I would try something different to try and force myself to draw what I saw not just what I artistically interpreted. So looking at a photo of a pine cone, I sketched and then painted it piece by piece. It was a lot more time consuming and I don't think it looked any better than my first one. So oh well. 

World Watercolor Month Day 23 Furry Creatures

For my Furry Creature I decided to paint Petey. This was done from a photo of him when he was just a little puppy. Petey belongs to my good cyberfriend Sharon. I knew I was too attached to my own furry creatures and I might not be as objective when it came to painting them. So I picked Petey. Besides he is just such a sweet loveable guy.  I am pretty happy with my sketch. I say sketch because I have been looking at some watercolored paintings in the World Watercolor Month facebook group. I saw one painting last week that was so detailed and intricate. I asked the artist how long it took to paint. She told me that it took her 6 months to paint it.  Since most of my paintings have been "finished" in at the most 3 hrs. It would be foolish for me to compare, but that is just what I keep finding myself doing. It helped by asking her the question because now, I have a better grasp and understanding about some of the paintings that I "wish" mine looked like.

World Watercolor Month day 22 Under the Sea

For Under the Sea prompt, I decided to do a jelly fish. I remember going to the beach in Texas and seeing what my daughter said were sandwich bags floating in the water. There was a pretty big school of jelly fish. Since my girls were ages 1 and 3 we decided the hotel pool was better for us to swim in and let the jelly fish be. I had fun with the colors and shading. I think with this painting, I needed to work on "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" principle. I kinda over did it and it took away from the transparent look I was going for. What I ended up with was a coloring book looking jelly fish. I should have put in more highlights and left more white space. It is so hard for me to leave white space.

World Watercolor month Day 21 Glorious Golds

For Glorious Golds I decided to paint a gold finch sitting on some goldenrod. I really like how this one turned out. I am starting to get away from "coloring book" look to more of a painting. However, if I were to paint this bird again I think I would use a bigger brush and make bigger paint strokes. This one looked more like hair than feathers.