Thursday, July 19, 2018

World watercoloring month day 19 Rainy Day

 World watercolor month day 19 Rainy days.  Well I was hoping I would get a real rainy day. The forecaster said that today was the best chance for rain. We haven't had to cut our grass all summer because the rain keeps missing us. We desperately need the rain. I did something that I know better than to do, I went to the World Watercolor Month facebook group. There I saw several watercoloring masterpieces of rain. My mistake wasn't looking at beautiful art. The mistake was comparing my art to theirs. Well I recovered pretty quickly and just decided to have fun.
I have a slightly twisted humor to those who know me. I thought it would be funny to have a water color artist who got caught outside painting when the rain started.  Just so you know the story behind this painting that I'm titling. TIME TO COME INSIDE.
I started by taking a photo of my hand holding a paint brush so I would have something to use as a reference for my sketch. (How sad is it that I have my giant bottle of aspirin on my desk? Well, I took 2 and it helped knock my headache down long enough to create.)

 My sketch.

Even though I missed sketching a tail in my original sketch, it wasn't too late to add a tail for my bird.
Here is my finished rainy day watercoloring sketch.


  1. Oh Marilynn - I do love your sense of humour - and the resultant painting!!