Thursday, July 12, 2018

World water color month day 12 Forest Animals

For day 12 Forest Animals, I did three little animals. A raccoon, a hedgehog and a little fox. 

Finished Raccoon project

Just so you know, there were a couple of sketches of my little hedgehog that didn't make it past the sketch phase. A little tweaking here and there before settling in on the sketch I finally use. Here were two that didn't make the cut

Since it looked more like the violets were growing out of his head, I decided to sketch a few more violets.

My final hedgehog project. (I did make this one bit mixed media. I added some yellow acrylic paint drops to the centers of the flowers and I used colored pencils to add a little more texture to his fur.

 My finished little fox project.


  1. You certainly had fun with your creatures MariLynn - with great results

  2. I love your animal drawings and how you colored them. They are amazingly awesome.