Wednesday, July 18, 2018

World watercolor month day 17 City Life

Day 17 prompt  City Life. This prompt evoked a strange emotion and question in my mind. What counts as a City? I know there are "Cities" like New York City, Chicago, Paris. Those are Big Cities. But how little population can you have and still be a City?  I live in an area that most would call rural. Population of approx. 1,800. But I write my checks for water and trash to the "City of ..." We are a destination for the little farm towns around us that have populations of 200-300. Yesterday I went to the "Big City" near us where the population is about 10,400.  I took this photo to paint. I sketched it and took some artistic license with it. My daughter lives in a City population of 25,600 and she was told this week that she lives in a rural area. My son laughed and said "Well what would you call where we live?" I guess it is all relative. 

Some of what I learned about this "watercoloring" sampler:

  1.  I usually am afraid of white spaces. I painted the buildings and sidewalks and I didn't worry if there was some white.
  2. I usually want to make everything a solid color. I let the paint leave some variations. I think this made it look more organic.
  3. I usually struggle between wanting to make it look realistic like a photo and the desire to have it look like ART. I did this one fast and let it be what it was. 


  1. It is perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  2. Love this MariLynn - the 'relaxed' look is great. In New Zealand a town is considered a city once it reaches a population of 20,000.