Tuesday, July 10, 2018

World water color month day 10 Light Luminous

For day 10 Light and Luminous I decided to make a sunset with lighthouse painting, inside of a light bulb. I had time so I did several.

My first attempt, I started kinda small. There was a lot of extra space, so I thought I would practice my lettering. 
 This is my second attempt. The paper wrinkled at the top so I was going to toss this one. Then I figured if I am just going to toss it I might as well have some fun. I cut the lightbulb out. I stamped some birds and I wrote the scripture on the bottom of the lighthouse. When I showed my paintings to my son Kaleb, I asked him which he liked the most. This is the one he liked the best. So I guess it won't be tossed, at least not today.
 This is my third attempt. It was ok. I looked at it and thought,"why do they need a light house with this nice sandy beach?" So I decided to add some rocks to my next attempt.
So with this my fourth attempt, you can see I sketched in the rocky shore I also gave the lighthouse keeper a little bit more house. 

My last attempt was actually my favorite of all of them. I gave my lighthouse keeper even more house. 

So I'll ask you the question that I asked my son. Which one did you like the best. 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?


  1. Oh, MariLynn, these are just amazing! You have so much talent. I think I like 4 the best for the beautiful sunset. Just keep on painting!

  2. Love the way you drawings/paintings have progressed MariLynn - thank you for sharing the process, and I think I like #5 the best.

  3. Wow! Such awesome drawings and I love how you painted them.