Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Day 4 World water color month. Family Moments

For the prompt Family moments, I chose this photo that my daugnhter took  of her husband and her son Noah. I printed the photo to help with my sketch. I also added a grid to the photo to aide in the sketch as well. I took artistic license to eliminate elements from the photo.

 It was here that I realized I forgot to add feet for Noah. So I sketched them in. 

There was more that I wanted to do with Noah' s face but since I used cardstock instead of watercoloring paper, I had reached the limitations of what I could do before the cardstock started to break down. My husband is always saying "The enemy of good is better." I decided to leave it at good.

My second family moments project was inspired by my sisters, daughters, mom,, my double aunt and double cousin. 
The butterfly reminds me of my sister who is on her way to being a monarch butterfly expert.  The jar of paint brushes is for me and my sisters. All of us love art, we just have our own unique skills and styles. The camera with flowers, represents the passion for photography that my sister, cousin, aunt, daughters and I have in common. The music is for all of my family who is very musical. And lastly I painted a bible to represent our faith.  

To give my watercolor project that little extra I added metallic rub. Since I painted it with water. I think it counts. 


  1. Wow! You are truly a great artist!

  2. Wonderful paintings MariLynn - love the picture of your grandson and SIL, and a great representation of your family and their talents.