Wednesday, July 18, 2018

world watercolor month day 18 Jungle

World watercolor month day 18 prompt is IN THE JUNGLE. Well I went to 
Costa Rica Rainforest. Close enough. I decided to paint a toucan. I started looking at drawings of toucans and then started sketching. I wanted my toucan to have a cute expression on his face. So I gave him a big eye. This is what my sketch looked like.

Then I googled toucan's to get a better idea how to color or paint him. It was then that I found this adorable video of a rescued baby toucan. I mean just look at that sweet face. I didn't know I was going to paint a baby toucan till I saw the video.

So I did a few tweaks to my sketch.

I made his head a little rounder and his body a little fuller too. 
Sometimes there are things I try with my art that don't turn out how I was expecting. Sometimes that is bad but occasionally something works out better I hoped. This was a better time. I really liked how they eye looked.

I don't know if you can see the little bits of green reflected on my toucan. Because black isn't really ever just black.
Of my paintings so far, this one is my favorite.


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    1. Thank you Terri. I appreciate your sweet comment.

  2. What a great drawing of the baby MariLynn - thanks for sharing the video that you based your fabulous drawing on