Tuesday, July 24, 2018

World Watercolor Month Day 23 Furry Creatures

For my Furry Creature I decided to paint Petey. This was done from a photo of him when he was just a little puppy. Petey belongs to my good cyberfriend Sharon. I knew I was too attached to my own furry creatures and I might not be as objective when it came to painting them. So I picked Petey. Besides he is just such a sweet loveable guy.  I am pretty happy with my sketch. I say sketch because I have been looking at some watercolored paintings in the World Watercolor Month facebook group. I saw one painting last week that was so detailed and intricate. I asked the artist how long it took to paint. She told me that it took her 6 months to paint it.  Since most of my paintings have been "finished" in at the most 3 hrs. It would be foolish for me to compare, but that is just what I keep finding myself doing. It helped by asking her the question because now, I have a better grasp and understanding about some of the paintings that I "wish" mine looked like.