Monday, July 2, 2018

World water color month July 2019 day 1 Sunny Days

Last month was a month of CASEing the STAMPlorations girls. It really stretched my creativity by trying to match the very varied styles of all the STAMP girls. This month I am continuing to stretch by doing World Water Color Month.

DAY 1 Sunny Days.
When thinking about what to paint to represent SUNNY DAYS my mind went to how the sun looks shining through the leaves of the trees. One of my earliest memories is from when I was supposed to be taking a nap. I think I was about 2 years old. I was supposed to be napping but instead I was looking out the window at how the sun looked shining through the leaves of the elm tree outside my bedroom window. 
This is my first try I liked the color and I like the way the water spots look, but I really didn't like how the branches were too heavy.
Second try I liked the color but there wasn't much contrast (highlight and shadows) It felt too flat.
 I liked this next one but it too felt to flat and I wasn't thrilled with the colors.

 I think this is my 2nd favorite. There were more shadows but I didn't think you could "see" the sunlight. 
 This one was my favorite. You can tell it was done by a beginner, but hey at least I'm beginning. I tried to leave more white space. That was really hard. I think I would still like more contrast and I think I would add some deeper richer colors. Especially for the shadows. 

 I have several friends who are doing this challenge as well. When I do challenges, I don't like to see what other's have created until after I am done because I don't want to be influenced. I want my art to be my own. I will say that when I saw theirs my first instinct was to start to compare. Of course then insecurity came in and self doubt and fear and I didn't want to share my paintings. Then I reminded myself that my art is my journey, and their art is their journey.It doesn't matter that we aren't at the same place. That gave me the confidence to share my projects. Hopefully when I am further down my art journey I will look back and be able to see how my art has grown. I hope I have inspired you. Comments are always appreciated and welcomed.


  1. Well done on challenging yourself in a new medium MariLynn - and what a difficult project you set yourself - I love your results though. I know what you are saying about making comparisons too, and I have to remind myself that I (and my art) am accepted because God loves and accepts me, and he is the greatest artist of all!

  2. Thank you Maxine. I thought the same thing bout how God is the greatest artist and how we all fall short of his art. We are all just at different levels. But when we use our art to glorify Him, and we use the gifts that He has given each of us we are doing what we are supposed to do.

  3. Love these leaves - so ethereal, and lovely!