Friday, February 22, 2019

Antique tin ceiling tiles - MIX-ability

(hosted by my friend Polly), is to be inspired by Tin Ceiling Tiles.

I chose to use 3 different embossing folders to make my card. I pulled some cardboard (a 12 pack box of Dr. Pepper) from recycling and used some thick foil (given to me wrapped around Monday night's dinner). How is that for repurposing? I covered the cardboard with glue and pressed the foil down. I then embossed the foil using 3 different embossing folders. After the foil was embossed I covered the foil with white acrylic paint. Before the paint was completely dry I wiped some of it off with a paper towel to allow some of the foil to shine through. Before starting my project I googled tin ceiling tiles for inspiration. I really liked the look of this tile by American Tin Ceilings.
I liked this website because you could look at several different patinas and finishes for the tile. I loved several of the looks and might use them for future projects but the finish I was inspired by today was called Artisan Silver Washed Gold. 
Pattern #2

I was also inspired by THIS blog post.

When I read about this week's challenge I had to laugh. Just this last Sunday at a church cookout, my husband I were looking at and talking about the tin ceiling tiles.  This photo below is of the building where our church meets. It was built over 100 years ago. If you are ever in Memphis, Missouri on a Sunday morning, I would love to have you join us in worship.
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You can see the ceiling tiles in this photo I took of my friend Becky and me. 
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  1. Oh Love this - what great use of the foil and cardboard... and a fabulous result!