Friday, November 13, 2009

Thankful Cardinal

I made this cardinal for the limited supply challenge. We were to make a thanks or thankful card with a bird on it. My friend Vicky asked me about my tutorial. I thought I had it on my blog already but I didn't. I made this tutorial last year.

Materials: Aleene's tacky glue; red, gold and black cardstock; white opaque marker; circle punch; heart punch; scissors

Punch two circles- one red and one black. Punch two hearts- one red and one gold.

Taking the scissors cut a pie piece out of the black circle.

Using the opaque white marker make a dot on the pie shaped piece. This will be the cardinal's eye.

Take the scissors and cut a D shpae off of the red circle. Save the D shape.

Cut the D shape in half.

Place the pie shaped piece of black on what was left of the red circle and glue.

Glue the punched heart to the back for his tail.

Glue the gold heart as his beak.

The D shape that you cut in half, take one of those pieces to make the wing.

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