Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This week for Cindy's teaparty we are visiting a botanical garden in Ireland. We are going to start acumulating frequent flier miles with traveling to London, and Hershey PA and now Ireland. (I hope that Kelly found a horse headed home.)Here is the teapot for this week's teaparty inspiration. I knew I wanted to do another stand up card for TLC228. (Cindy this is a TRICK that I know you will love!!! It is so easy!!)
When I saw last week that we were visiting the gardens, I knew I wanted to try quilled and 3-d flowers. It was really hard to photograph, but the rose on my card has 5 different layers. The quilled flowers have a depth of about 1/4".
Since we are going to Ireland, I just couldn't leave my card white, so I used some GREEN dp that I had been hoarding. I don't know where my birds went. I must have scared them off when I walked to the bench that was in this area of the garden. I brought my camera so I could capture this beautiful garden. As I sat really still, I noticed these butterflies.
Don't tell the Queen, but the flowers in this garden are so much prettier than hers.
Cindy told us we had to wear a hat to protect our hair from birds... I'm a simple country gal. No fancy hats here. I did however have a St. Louis Cardinals ball cap. (Well, actually it is little ball cap bowl that Dairy Queen has for their sundaes.) I keep mine on my desk to hold my stamping sponges.


  1. Love your card Marilynn! Its very pretty! I just may have to brave that *trick*! I remember those little helmets. When Brad was a baby, ice cream came in them....yum....sundaes!!!

    Your blog is looking good girlfriend!!!

  2. MariLynn this turned out super. I love the baseball cap. Hmmm however I am a Cubs fan. Your garden is super. I wish mine looked that good. Too hot here. Everything is turning brown...

  3. I had to come check out your "hat"... think it might work at the tea party? hmmm

    I like your blog!