Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I wanna go... anywhere but here.

Have you ever wanted to be anywhere but where you are right now? Not just in location, but in circumstances? I know I do. I made this for my brother who is struggling with getting a job. He has been waiting for a long time and had to go for a lie detector test as part of the job screening process. I know today was going to be hard for him, so I made him this card. Isn't this little bear so cute. The colors that I used were from the Splitcoast Color Challenge. The sentiment "I wanna go..." is from a family vacation a long time ago. My brother and sister and I were all getting tired. We had passed a Travel Lodge sign that had their trademark SLEEPYBEAR on it. I don't remember for sure who started it, but before long we were all singing..."I wanna go to Sleepybear. I wanna go to Sleepybear." Eventually we got to a place to stop and spend the night. It wasn't in our timing, but in our Dad's timing becuase he was driving. That made me think that there are times that I want to reach a destination, and I must wait on my Heavenly Father. I'ld like to say that I wait patiently, but I can only say that I am trying to wait patiently for His perfect timing. I hope this encourages my brother.

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  1. Saw this earlier this morning and meant to leave a comment. He's adorable, MariLynn, and I am sure will make your brother smile. He has all my sympathy - been there and done that with DH. Not the polygraph test, mind you, but the waiting and waiting and wondering why things aren't working out. I like your analogy about your Dad being in charge when he was driving.