Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I told my friend Cindy that I would post my wall of cards on my blog today. I have recieved cards from my SCS friends. I put them up on my wall at work next to my desk so I could enjoy them. I love seeing everyone's different styles. The different techniques (TRICKS!!) Mostly I love all the color. I have my friend Cindy's teapot cards all in a row. I noticed today for the first time that they all have their spouts facing towards the left. I wonder why?...


  1. OMG! How cool is that! What a wonderful wall of cards from all your friends! A testiment to how much you are loved at SCS! I see my cards! Hee! That big old Rabbit Hole card takes up have the wall! Snort!

    Interesting, I must not be able to cute spouts to the right...hmmm...maybe I better get a new pair of scissors! Giggle!

    Your wall is most impressive and very fun to see! Thanks Ms. McGyver for taking the time to show me! Now get back to woik!! hee!

  2. Hi Marilynn! I found you on youtube and came over to check out your blog. Your cards are awesome and I just became a follower so that I don't miss seeing any of your newest creations. Hope you'll come over and visit me at my blog sometime.

  3. Whoa MariLynn, just look at that wall! You truly have lovely friends on SCS. Just look at all those wonderful cards. What a great photo and idea too. You are a wonderful card maker and well loved by all. TFS :0)