Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Hiding!!!

Close up view of the flower

Today is Teapot Tuesday on Cindy's blog. She had the cutest little froggy teapot. Today we were to bring our little froggies and a come to her lilly pond. One lilly pad per person. I had a little froggy all made and he decided to hide. He heard that last week teaparty ladies were talking about eating escargot in France. He figured if they were crazy enough to eat snails that he wasn't safe. So he has decided to stay hidden until the teaparty is over. I quilled this water lilly. The inside is a fringed coil made of pink, yellow and white cardstock. I then cut little white petals that I glued around the edges of the coil. I made my lilly pad out of a circle of green cardstock. I cut a ragged edge around the outside and I cut a v shape towards the center. I stamped the top of the lilly pad with my itty bitty backgrounds. I put the lilly and pad on a piece of paper that my friend Peggy gave me. It looks like it has water droplets on it. It seemed perfect for today's card. I added a ribbon and a black base. Do you think it looks at all like the photo I took on Sunday?

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