Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some new photos to share

This is a photo that I took of lillies on the Mississippi river. We were taking my oldest son to scout camp. These lillies looked so pretty that I had to pull off in a scenic pull of to take a photo of them.

This is a photo that my oldest daughter took yesterday. We have a heard of deer (Is a group of deer a heard? I don't know.) that live in the woods near our house. This one was just standing by the edge of the woods yesterday and she grabed my camera and shot this really quickly before he got away.


  1. The lilies are beautiful, MariLynn. I just love waterlilies of all sorts.
    Definitely a herd of deer - there is one in the big park near us. When we went with DH's brother and family a couple of weeks back, they really wanted to see the deer. But when they did, their hands were shaking so much with excitement that they found it hard to get a good photo at first. That's a great shot your daughter got.

  2. Great shots MariLyn...the waterlillies are just beautiful...Monet's painting came to mind as soon as I saw it...And your at that beauty...Very very nice job.