Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ollie ollie oxin free..

OLLIE OLLIE OXIN FREE. Remember playing hide and seek and calling all the players in? This is what my sister and I used to say. I am saying this now so my little froggy will know it is safe to leave his hiding place...

After being promised that no-one is going to eat him, my little froggy came out of hiding. You can see why he hid in the first place, he is so little. He is only 1/4" big.
I just had to make another card for Cindy's teaparty challenge. This flower went togther much faster and easier than the first one. I punched three flowers. I used a 1/4" punch to punch the centers of the flowers. I then cut from one edge of the flowers to the centers and wrapped each flower around my quilled fringe coiled center. I made my lillypad using a 2"circle of green. I punched the little froggy with my frog punch. The water is done with bubble wrap. I frayed the ribbon to add interest. The wavy shape just happens to be the shape of my acryllic block. I just traced around it and cut it out. I used my itty bitty background for the lilly pad andthe base of the card. After making my first card I realized how close it was to the colors for the Splitcoast color challenge. I changed this card to comply with the challenge (as long as my water is a neutral color- well most of the time it is clear that is neutral right?)

Close up of the little froggy and quilled water lilly.

These are the punches I used for the flower and the little froggy.


  1. Hi Marilynn...I remember calling Ollie Ollie oxin free free free..tha is how we did it when we played "kick the can" have you ever played that? Very cute post.. Do you mean to tell me you inked up bubble packing and stamped your paper with it?? that is a new one for me :) Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Your teaparty cards are FABULOUS, Marillyn!!!! I am sooo glad you encouraged the little frog to come out and play!!! I just hope those big, bruly frogs don't use him for lunch...I'll help ya watch out for him!!!