Thursday, July 23, 2009

My son's boyscout photography merit badge

My son started working last night on his photography merit badge for boy scouts. The two of us had been discussing the requirements. As we were driving home, we saw this tree out in a field with the evening mist rising from the ground and the sun setting behind it, silhouetting it. I always carry my camera with me. I turned the car around and my son jumped out. He ran through the field and took this photo. We talked about with photography we never know when the opportunity for a photo will occur, so it is good to be prepared. We were both very proud of this photo.


  1. Beautiful! There´s so much inspiration in nature!

    Hugs Birgit/Biggan

  2. MariLynn!! I was so thrilled to find that you had visited my blog!! So sweet of you to visit and leave kind words!!

    This photograph is a stunning beauty!! Congratulations to your son on his fine work!!

  3. Your son is right to be proud of this, it's a really great shot, very atmospheric.