Thursday, December 5, 2019

A simple "Thanks'

My friend Kyra is the hostess this week for the MIX-ability challenge on SCS. The challenge from what she shared with me is to focus on a meaningful sentiment for a personal relationship. To go beyond superficial and make a meaningful card for that person. I thought about it and decided to make a card for my friend Becky. She has been spending time getting the children's Christmas program ready for Sunday's service. I wanted to tell her "Thank you" for all the hard work and effort she has put into this. I also thought that to be meaningful doesn't require a lot of words. One word can portray a lot of meaning when it is heartfelt. 

I started with this monotype that I made the other day. I liked the circles and the gold sparkles. 

My friend Tiffany painted an angel in her hymnal the other day. I thought I would practice painting an angel myself. So I painted the angel using acrylic paint. I added some white to her hair with a gel pen. I also drew the halo with a gel pen. Then I went over all of the angels dress, wings and halo with Nuvo Aqua Shimmer. I then handlettered "Thanks". The angel panel has a white panel behind it that I also added Aqua shimmer too. It is so hard to photograph. but in really life it is so shiny. 


  1. This thank you appreciation card is beautiful! The angel is heavenly-lovely yet I'm really drawn to the background you made! LOVE how you created this. Your church friend Becky is going to be very blessed.

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  3. Oh what a gorgeous sparkly card this turned out to be MariLynn- love the stunning simplicity of the angel over the gorgeous background.