Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Technique lovers and color challenge

My first card was made yesterday for the SCS TLC453 flip down stack card. I used 2 MFP sets. I used HUM ALONG and I NEED A VACATION. I did embossed faux silk for the base of the card. On the bottom panel of the flip down part, I stamped the hibiscus that had the hummingbird on it. Since I didn't want to color just a little bit of him in, I painted him to look like the flower. You would have to look really closely to see him.
Since I already had these two sets out on my desk, when I looked at the color challenge for today, at SCS,  CC450,  I decided to try and use the same sets. I used the same embossed faux silk technique. I added burlap because my friend Pam encouraged me to use it on a card today. For this card I also watercolored, and tea bag dyed. I also used a Sharpie metallic pen to go around the edges and to color the brads to match.

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  1. Beautiful cards MariLynn - I could not find the flowered hummingbird on the top card :-). Love your second card - it really appeals to me.