Saturday, October 12, 2013

Faux Silk Fall card and Tutorial

I made this card using a faux silk technique  with my own twist. I started with a piece of white tissue paper.. I used black stazon ink to stamp  it with leaves from  Mark's Finest Papers set called Autumn Glory. So far it is very similar to the faux silk technique on SCS. How mine differs is I use ink spray smash technique to add color to my tissue paper. I use an acetate report folder that has been cut along one side and the bottom so that it opens like a book. I also used just plain Crayola  markers and a water bottle

After I added the blue-green color to the tissue paper. I added color to the leaves. (While the tissue paper is wet it will cling to the folder. It is very fragile so it is best to leave it clinging to the folder)  I scribble with fall colored crayola markers on the acetate folder beside the tissue paper. I wet a paint brush and use the marker ink to paint the leaves.

After the leaves have been painted it is time to glue the tissue paper to a more sturdy piece of paper. On the SCS tutorial, the tissue paper is glued to a plain white piece of cardstock. I like the look of words behind the tissue paper. I use a page from an old encyclopedia. You could use a page from an old book, old phone book, newspaper, or simply print words with a printer. The words don't really matter because it is hard to read them, but you get a glimpse of them under the tissue paper.  I covered the encyclopedia page with a glue stick (It looks kinda purple) then I put the tissue paper over it. At this time it is still on the acetate folder. After I put the tissue onto the glue then I peel away the folder.

After I have the tissue paper on the encyclopedia page, I run it through my cuttlebug. I use a script embossing folder. After I have it embossed I use gold acrylic paint to "antique" the faux silk. I put a small amount of paint onto a plastic lid and I use a napkin wrapped around my finger to wipe the paint over the faux silk. It really accents the raised parts. If some of it gets on the non raised parts that is ok. I kinda like it that way.

I hope that you enjoyed learning about my faux silk technique with a twist. I know my videos need some work, and hopefully with a little bit of time and experience they will get better.


  1. What a beautiful card MariLynn, and thanks so much for your great tutorial on how you achieved such a great result.

  2. This is awesome! The results of this technique are beautiful and I honestly don't know if I would have tried something like this without video instruction. This will be on my 'to do' list now though! :)

  3. FANTASTIC card! Thanks so much for your Faux Silk with a Twist tutorial!

  4. This is a stunning piece of art work! I love that gold paint...such a perfect touch to really make everything pop!