Thursday, February 20, 2020

Mr William Harold Neidlinger and pants on fire

For the splitcoast stampers (scs) mix-ability challenge. I wanted to use this quote. I think it is hilarious. Thankful that I have practiced my lettering because it is getting easier and easier. I thought this sentiment would look great with a vintage image of a male in pants... But I didn't have a stamp of one so I drew him. I got on pinterest and searched victorian men. I drew him with pencil and then went over my pencil sketch with a pen that is color fast. Then I watercolored him using black and brown. I was almost afraid to do the background because I didn't want to mess him up after having spent so much time on him. But I also didn't want to leave the background white. It was too stark. So at the encouragement of my friend Lee Ann, I gave it a try. I used brown, gray and blue to make the background. Then I splattered it to break up the blank space some more.  Then I wrote the sentiment.  When I was done I showed my friend Lee Ann and I told her I was wondering what his name was. She said William and I had been thinking Harold. So I decided to let my computer help finish naming him. I googled William Harold and let google finish. There was a William Harold Smith who was an artist. Very "different' art. Not my style and I don't think he would have worn a hat and carried a cane. So I didn't think that was his last name.  So I tried again then got William Harold Lee. He was an architect. Interesting man but not "my man". So I tried again and got William Harold Neidlinger. He was a composer and singer. He studied music in England and in Paris and lived in Chicago for awhile. He started a school for handicapped children. He is known for writing the song The Birthday of a King. I really liked learning about him, so that is how Mr. William Harold Neidlinger ended up on my card.  I love going down dirt roads like that and learning new things. Kinda like when Paul Harvey would tell "the rest of the story."


  1. Loving your page and how you arrived at it MariLynn, and also how you named your image :) Loved the song, thanks :)

  2. Wow girl! You hand drew this foxy gentleman and also hand lettered the sentiment. You are so amazingly talented. I love it too!