Sunday, January 12, 2020

Singing Praises Romans 8:28

When I saw this set called Singing Praises by Sweet 'n Sassy stamps, I knew I wanted it. My friend Lee Ann gave me a gift certificate making it possible for me to get it. Thank you sweet friend. I decided to use it in my bible and also in my bible planner/journal that my sweet friend Stephanie gave me. Thanks Stephanie. I am so blessed to have great friends. 
Both of my pages are for Romans 8:28
I stamped the bird with the blossoms with black stazon ink.

I watercolored the bird and flowers.  Part of me wishes I had just stopped right here, but I didn't.

I sketched the scripture in pencil.

 I went over the lettering with my sharpie pen. 

 I was thinking that it would be neat to add a purple sky. Well, it didn't turn out how I had it in my mind. I did plastic wrap to try and make the paint have different shades. 

After doing the plastic wrap, some of the paint got on the bird.  

And it bled through to the back side where the purple was. 
I have to admit I tried several things to try and make this better. I tried added more water and blotting it to try and make it lighter, but everything I did only made it "messier" So I finally gave up and decided to embrace the mess. I think having a "mistake" or less than perfect page keeps me humble and allows me to have a page that can hopefully encourage others who are hesitant to create in their bibles because of fear of making mistakes.  

In my planner/journal, I stamped the other bird from the set. I did the lettering then,  I masked him and did a watercolor plastic wrap background.

How it looked when I removed the mask.

 The finished page. 


  1. I love both projects, MariLynn! Love that you are willing to experiment- to take risks- that is something I need to improve on. After all, it's the heart not the art.

  2. Loving that you share everything, even the work that doesn't 'turn out' how you envisioned it. The pages are both beautiful