Saturday, January 11, 2020

Jesus is the missing peace

I have a lot of people ask me how I decide to make my pages in my bible. I thought I would try to go from start to finish with what I did to make my page today. 

I loved the idea that Jesus is the missing peace. I had an idea in my mind about a puzzle that was missing a piece. I wanted to have an image for peace. I started thinking that I wanted a dove. 
I used Pinterest and typed in the seach box. Dove/ Peace. It gave me several images for inspiration. I liked the one the arrow is pointing too. 
You can see in this photo that I had already sketched a puzzle. (I used Pinterest and searched puzzle images to inspire my sketch.)

My sketch was just on a piece of typing paper. 
You can see that it is really rough. 

I used a sharpie marker on the dove to make it dark enough so you could see it through the page in my bible.  I roughly cut it out so it would fit in the bible. 

I traced the dove and sketched a cross behind it. 

Then I lightly sketched the puzzle pieces.  

Next step was to  make the "missing" piece. It made sense to me to pick one of the bottom pieces, but I could have picked any of them to trace. 
I decided to pick the bottom center piece. I traced it with a piece of the typing paper. I cut that traced piece out and then laid it back down on the page and 

My next step was to go over all the lines with a non bleeding sharpie thin marker. I had to get my tip going after working with some of my mixed media material. You can see the scribble in previous photo to get it going. 

I used water colors to color my page. When it came time to write my sentiment, I used the website called Fontsquirrel. I picked the Euphoria Script font. 
When it opens there is a choice for "TEST DRIVE" 
I then type in the box the phrase I want to copy.
You can only type in a couple of words at a time, but that works for me. I just type them in and try to sketch them. I start by sketching them on a scratch piece of paper then I try to do it in my bible. I do this with pencil first and then I go over it with a the thin Sharpie marker. 

Philippians 4: 4-7


  1. I love this design. So gorgeous and beautiful.

  2. What a fabulous page MariLynn - and thanks so much for sharing your process - Love your colouring of the image too