Friday, April 25, 2014

Mixed Media Throwback to Kindergarten

Yesterday I took this piece of dp.
It was really pretty but I wanted to mix it up.I started by printing the daisies from Diane's Daydream Designs set called BOUQUET OF DAISIES
I then took white paint and bubble wrap. I stamped with the paint and bubble wrap all over the paper. I then took crumpled up plastic wrap and dipped it in the white paint and added it to the dp. Then this morning when I saw the the mixed media challenge at SCS was to go back to kindergarten and use crayons on our project. I masked the daisies because I didn't want the crayons to get on them and I took my scissors and shaved several crayons onto the dp and melted them with my heat gun. Then I removed the mask and used white paint to paint the daisies. Then I used prisma colored pencils to color the stems and leaves. I then outlined the daisies with a black ink pen. Then I did the hardest thing ever. I cut the panel. It was almost painful to do it, but I knew it would make a more interesting card if I did it. I added burlap and a twine and button daisy. I wanted to show off my mixed media dp so I put a small strip over the burlap.
When I was done and looked at the finished card it reminded me of the Easter dresses that I bought my daughters 16 years ago. I thought it was ironic that we were to throw back to kindergarten because my oldest daughter was in kindergarten that year.  My son in this photo is now a senior in high school getting ready to graduate next month. How quickly time flies.
I had enough scraps left over that I decided to make another card. I took the scraps and cut out 8 petals. I added a button with twine, gold mesh ribbon and freehand cut the stem and leaves.
Then I made a dream catcher's card. This card started as plain white cardstock. I ink spray smashed it with about 6 different blue markers. Then I took blue metallic paint and used the plastic wrap to put it on the paper. Then I took white paint and bubble wrap. I heat embossed with silver embossing powder and heat gun. I wanted to do gold embossing on my first card but I didn't do it before I added the crayons and I knew that the crayons wouldn't take as much heat as the embossing powder... so I considered it a lesson in what to do "next time" So with this card AFTER I did the heat embossing then I added the crayons. I hand drew the dream catcher. The feathers and dream sentiment are from 2 different MFP sets. BE A SHOWOFF and BIRDCAGES. I added black twine and beads. After I got the card all together I used a toothbrush and white paint to splatter the whole card.


  1. MariLynn these cards are amazing - love what you are doing with all the differing mediums, and the awesome results.

  2. Your art techniques always fascinate me, are so brave to try new things and they always seem to work for you. Love all these cards...and #1 is totally gorgeous! ;) Thank you for all you do for Daydream Designs. I appreciate you more than you know.