Tuesday, December 21, 2010

From White canvas to Poppy Field Tutorial

Cindy's teapot challenge was to take the white teapot and use that as our blank canvas. I sure had a lot of fun making this card. I added sewing for the Technique lovers challenge yesterday.
Materials I used:
White cardstock, cheap crayola markers, acetate report folder, spray water bottle, paint brush, heat gun, prisma colored pencils, sewing machine, rub-on flourish, green and turquoise cardstock, black stazon, Mark's Finest Paper TAKE A PEEK butterfly, scissors and Aleene's tacky glue.

I started by drawing on the inside of the report folder with a variety of green markers.

I then sprayed the folder with water and shut it. This is what it looked like when the folder was shut.

I opened the report folder. There are puddles of color. I placed a piece of white cardstock on the puddles. There were lots of white spaces that didn't get color. That is the look I wanted.

I then scribbled on the report folder with blue markers.

How the blues looked sprayed and smashed.

I turned the paper sideways so that I could place only the WHITE part into the blue puddles.

It overlapped just a little.

I let the white cardstock with greens and blues on it dry. I then scribbled on the folder with orange, red, yellow and pink markers.

I sprayed a drop of water on the folder.

Using the folder as my paint pallet, I mixed and matched colors. I then randomly painted splotches onto the cardstock.

I then let the paper dry completely before going on to the next step. I used my heat gun to make it dry faster.

I then took my yellow prisma colored pencil and added some yellow outlines to the flowers.

After outlining with yellow I outlined some flowers with an orange prisma colored pencil.

I then took my black prisma colored pencil and added centers to some of the poppies.

Next, I took my white prisma colored pencil and added highlights to the black centers.

I then took a light green prisma colored pencil and randomly drew grass blades. I let some of the blades draw over the flowers. That gave the illusion of depth.

I then added a slightly darker green followed by an even darker green.

I layered the white cardstock with the green and turquoise cardstock and put on a white cardstock base. I used my sewing machine to do a decorative stitch around the edges.

Of course I had to add a butterfly. I stamped the butterfly from the Mark's Finest Papers set called TAKE A PEEK. I stamped it on white cardstock with black stazon. I heat set the ink with my heat gun. I then just scribbled over the butterfly with yellow, pink and orange colored pencils. I didn't have to color in the lines because I was going to cut it out.

I cut my butterflies out this way. I cut around the butterfly and leave the top at the antennea for last.

I then cut away the part that is next to the wings on both sides.

I cut the inside V last. I leave a little extra room so that I don't accidentaly do an anteneaectimy.

I fix the little extra white by coloring it in with my black prisma colored pencil.

I then make a cut on both wings that goes from the outer wing towards the body, but I stop before I hit the body.

The cuts allow me to bend the wings to give them dimension.

I used rub-ons for the butterfly's flight trail.

I cut out the red flourish so that it would be easier to rub on.

I then glued the butterfly on.


  1. oh you are THE artist at this teaparty today, MariLynn. What an amazingly beautiful card and your tutorial makes me think I could even
    do this.

    I love listening to your playlist as I read the tut. I turned off my itunes so I could be blessed and I was!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  2. MariLynn this is amazing - and thank you so much for sharing all the details on 'how you did it'. You are just such a blessing.
    Christmas blessings to you and yours

  3. GORGEOUS watercolor card! You are so very clever. I was thinking this might work on wax paper but then I realized I couldn't smush with it. fabulous technique. Thank you so very much for sharing the step by step instructions! You are a very talented artist!