Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Take captive every thought

 Outside my door this morning. This lilac bush is in bloom and has such a lovely fragrance. I thought it would be a challenge to water color it.

The other day I told my friend Susan that the reason I think I struggle with painting leaves, is I put them on the page after the flowers. They are an afterthought and I probably rush them too much so I decided to do them first on this painting. I painted them and even added some abstract green in the back for the leaves that are beyond my focal point. The flowers looked like they would be pretty easy. Just lines off of a central line, but it was harder than it looked to make them seem random.
I ended up putting 3 layers on the flowers with 3 different shades of purple. I added more shading to the leaves.
 I used a pencil to sketch in the portion of scripture.
I then went over the pencil marks with a fine point sharpie marker. I did reshape a couple of letters on the go as you can see some of the ghostly pencil marks outside of where I used the sharpie. 

I erased the pencil marks and thickened the down strokes. I used a straight edge and markers to frame it before putting it in my bible art journal.


  1. I love your lilac design. Ours are blooming too!

  2. What a great painting of the lilac MariLynn. Loving your writing for the scripture verse - that is stunning. A beautiful page.