Thursday, April 25, 2019

Mix-Ability. Junk mail inspiration

This week's MIX-Ability Challenge at SCS is a lot of fun. My friend Kyra has challenged us to be inspired by junk mail. 

I went on  a cleaning spree the other day with family coming to visit. I wasn't sure that I had any. What I did find was from AARP.  Looking through the AARP mailer, I found this Geico ad. I liked how it was half blue and half yellow. I decided to let that be my inspiration. 

I placed a STAMPlorations 
ARTploration Stencil called: EVOLUTION

on my gel plate and colored it with chalk.

How it looked when I removed the stencil.

I put a thin layer of white acrylic paint over the chalk and gel plate. 

I was able to make 2 prints with the same chalking.

I glued the junk mail ad to a piece of cardstock and die cut 2 little butterflies.

I die cut the little mailbox (still thinking about junk mail as my inspiration.) 
out of my chalked mono print.

My friend Kyra has been having a tough time. I wanted to send her a  mailbox full of cards. I live in the country and we have pretty big mail boxes. So I downsized my mailbox for her. So I had to downsize the cards. I made one card for each of the daily SCS challenges. 

Monday's Technique Lover's Challenge was this fancy fold. I think it is even more impressive  at one inch. The butterfly on the card is from STAMPlorations TRENDY BUTTERFLIES I used a piece of cardstock that  had been mono printed. 

Tuesday's Color Combo Challenge: Had 3 shades of blue. I took a piece of cardstock that I had mono printed in the 3 shades of blue. I then stenciled with markers using. STAMPlorations -ARTploration Stencil called BUBBLE DANCE

Wednesday's sketch challenge. I mono printed on the junk mail. It is hard to see in my 1 inch card but it was mono printed with blue and yellow. I added circles with the Bubble Dance stencil and a black ink pen. I added glitter. The sentiment is handwritten.

Thursday's Ways to Use it Challenge  Was to use white ink. My white ink pad is 16 years old and was almost completely dried out. I was able to stamp one little butterfly but it took several times stamping it to get it done. I decided to outline it with a black marker. Cheesecloth, gold thread and rhinestones give my 1 inch card the mixed media look. I added blue and yellow dots with markers. 

Friday's Mix-Ability challenge junk mail inspired. I took some of the yellow/blue mono print that I used on the mailbox to make this card. I added little drops of glue and added gold glitter. I took an ink pen and doodled around the edges. I used copper metallic rub on the edges. I put some cheesecloth and 3 of my quilled roses.

You can see the 5 little cards here lined up on my keyboard.

My next project was also inspired by junk mail. I took an envelope from the junk mail. I mono printed it with blue and yellow re inkers. I stamped the lid to the reinkers on the envelope. 

I then took the envelope and glued it to a piece of cardstock to give it some strength. I then die cut this butterfly. I like how you can see the envelope design on his body. I added some more color on the wings with water colors. I also added some copper metallic rub. The rest of my card is not mixed media, but it did have the yellow and blue from my junk mail inspiration. My butterfly with re inkers, water color, white acrylic paint and copper metallic rub has enough different mediums to qualify. 


  1. You are so creative and can find so many ways of using the junk mail to create wonderful designs. I admire you.

  2. What a fabulous project MariLynn - your mail box and cards are exquisite, so much work and imagination involved. Your second project is inspiring too.