Friday, April 2, 2010

Paper Roses Tutorial Update

I love making 3-dimensional items for my cards. I especially love making quilled roses. I have used them on the cards that I have posted this week. I decided to make a tutorial for how I make them. It has been a process. I started quilling some time ago. I found it to be interesting that exactly a year ago today, my friend Dawn, posted my tutorial on her blog, because I hadn't started blogging yet. Here is that tutorial. While I still like those roses, I think the ones that have evolved over the year are more realistic.

I start with these basic supplies. Aleene's Tacky Glue,
a regular office hole punch, scissors,
a scrap of cardstock, my quilling tool,
and my ek success flower punch.
I punch out 3 flowers and 1 partial flower. I call it the "B" shaped piece

Using the office hole punch, I punch holes in the centers
of 2 of the punched flowers.

Using my scissors, I cut from one edge of the flower to the center.

The punched out flower that wasn't punched, I make little
cuts between all the petals. This will be the Base of the rose.

I use the end of my quilling tool to press into the center
of the base. It makes it look kinda like a little bowl.

This is a quilling tool. You can see the slot at the top.

I insert the quilling tool into the center of the flower and slide
the edge that was cut into the slot of the quilling tool.

I slowly roll the flower around the quilling tool.

I roll both of the double punched flowers using the quilling tool.

I open one of the double punched flowers just a little bit.

I put the second double punched flower over the slightly opened
one and I rotate them so that the overlap eachother.

I put the "B" shaped piece into the quilling tool with
the rounded edges facing down.

I roll it all the way up.

While the "B" shaped piece is still rolled up, I slide it into the
centers of the double stacked, double punched flowers.

This shows the "B" piece coming out the back side of the double
stacked, double punched flowers.

I add a drop of glue to the center of the base.

With the other parts still on the quilling tool, I place them
into the glue that is on the base.

This is what it looks like with all the pieces glued together. You could
leave the rose like this and it would look pretty, but there is more
that you can do that makes it look more realistic.

After the glue dries, which takes about 10 mins., I take my
quilling tool and starting at the bottom layers, I curl each petal outward.

The finished rose.


  1. Hello Marilynn,

    You are the queen of flowers!

  2. Thanks for sending me the link to your turorial. These are so very pretty, awesome job with them- great photos too!

  3. Thanks for the link. Great tutorial! Love your flowers.


  4. Thank you so much for sending me the link to the paper roses. They are beautiful.


  5. I am thrilled to find this tutorial!!! I have to tell that I purchased Quilling supplies and an instruction book sometime ago. I tried for a short time to follow the directions, but became frustrated and gave up. Your roses are beautiful and now I can actually put that quilling tool to good use!! Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful tutorial with us!

  6. Mmm, love it! I'm going to pin this. Expect a bit more traffic! Thanks!

  7. Mmm, love it! I'm going to pin this! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  8. Mmm, love it! I'm going to pin this. Expect a bit more traffic! Thanks!