Friday, April 2, 2010


If you are like me, who is crafting on a very tight budget, you really have to be creative.
I had run out of MEARLS, so I decided to make some more and show you how I do it. MEARLS was the name my friend Kelly gave to my MariLynn made Pearls.
I have also called the hot glue pearls, because in reality that is what they are.

I start by making little round dots with my
hot glue gun on a piece of cardboard covered with foil.
When the hot glue cools, I take pearl fingernail polish and cover the hot glue drops.
When the polish dries, I peel them off of the foil and Voila, I have MEARLS.
They don't take very much time to make, and they cost very little,
especially when I buy the hot glue sticks at the dollar store.


  1. Hello Marilynn,
    Thanks for the tutorial. Your hot glue dots look really even. I am going to try it again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Just ran across your blog and I'm really impressed with your cleverness!!! Your Mearls are the best!

  3. I just found your blog, wow, Iove your creativity. I will be back often , You need a button to have sign ups so your awesome posts come into our e-mails. :) Thank you for sharing this. Hugs Cathy K