Friday, September 11, 2009

Retiform Tutorial

I have a very easy technique to share with you.
To do the retiform technique you need
3 to 4 different inks that are complimentary
and vary from a dark to light.
The other materials needed are a brayer,
an acrylic block and post it notes

Ink up the brayer using the lightest color of ink.

After putting ink on the brayer, I roll it over the acrylic
block to make sure the ink is spread evenly.

Then I roll the brayer over the cardstock.

I place 3 post it notes randomly on the cardstock.

Ink up the brayer with 2nd lightest color of ink.
Roll on acrylic block(not shown again).

Then I roll the brayer over the
post it notes and cardstock.

I add more post it notes. Randomly placed.

Ink up brayer again with next to darkest ink.

Roll over the post it notes. You get the idea. Add the last
few post it notes and use the darkest ink using the
same steps as the other inks.

After using the darkest ink, pull the post it notes off
and you have a geometric looking paper.
Wasn't that easy?

Here is a card that I made for today's limited supplies challenge
using the retiform technique..
We were to make an opposite card. We were to use our:
oldest set... my roses are my oldest set.
newest tool... my brayer is my newest tool.
favorite colors... turquoise and peach are my favorite colors.
least favorite embellishment... mine are the swirly clips.


  1. Cathy aka:Mutnik :0)September 11, 2009 at 5:36 PM

    MariLynn, you make it look a lot easier than I remember. I definitely am going to give your version a try. Thanks for sharing this tutorial and the next one too. (about making a copy of the embossing plate, very clever thinking.)

  2. Cool technique, MariLynn! Your card is so pretty; thanks for sharing!

  3. I am with you on swirly clips not being a favourite embellishment - I never know how to use them. I thought you hadn't had a brayer before - you are obviously putting it to great use because that background looks fantastic!!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful and very clear tutorial, MariLynn!! You rock!

  5. WOW! This really looks interesting! Great tutorial and your cards are beautiful. Thanks for posting and hosting the Technigue challenge today. Great music too!

  6. Oh Marilynn, this is so neat, thanks a bunch for sharing. I'm definately trying it.

  7. Super cool, Marilynn....what a great look and your tutorial was wonderful!!!!

  8. I just got a brayer and haven't used it yet, so I may just give it a whirl if my afternoon allows it with dear-son at home!! BEAUTIFUL WORK! Thanks for sharing this technique!

    Nicole (Mrs Nickel)

  9. You da man! I mean, da woman! What an awesome tutorial and technique, er....trick! I love it. Congrats on hosting this morning, its a wonderful idea. I betcha you will have lots and lots of participants.

    Big snugs...

    WWWhoo Hoo!

  10. Thanks SO much, I've never heard of this, or done it so I'll be making some time today! Great job on the hosting gig!

  11. what a super cool "trick". You made it look very easy, I will have to give it a try!

  12. now I remeber the technique... didn't know what it was called. Great card too!

  13. Such a neat tutorial, I will have to try this one!