Sunday, September 20, 2009

An adventure with butterflies

Yesterday was a busy one for me as a mom and a scout leader. In the morning I lead a group of cub scouts on a butterfly tagging expedition. A lot of children in our area spend all their times on their computers or game stations and getting out into nature is so foreign to them. For the past few years I have been bringing not only my own kids but others, including my cub scouts to an event hosted by our local conservation office. Monarch butterflies are caught and tagged, and released. The conservation officer said that of the butterflies that have been tagged only one in the past few years has been tracked all the way from Iowa to Mexico. That butterfly flew over 2,000 miles. That is pretty impressive. We had been hunting the butterflies for about 15 mins when we caught one. It was a little female. Here is a photo of the boys as they are getting ready to release the butterfly. My son is the one in the turquoise colored shirt.

Here is a photo of the fearless butterfly wranglers!!! They would have liked to catch more than the one butterfly, but after hiking around in the open field of flowers for 2 1/2 hours they were ready to go get some lunch. I hope it is a memory that the boys will have forever.

After the parents picked up their boys, my son Kaleb and I went to the park to enjoy more of God's creations. We both had our cameras and we wer taking photos of the flowers in the gardens there. Here are a few of the flowers that I took photos of.

The irony of yesterday was that after spending all morning looking for monarch butterflies, that after we were done looking, that we would find one. Kaleb and I saw this male monarch butterfly sitting in the garden. We approached very quietly and were able to get very close. We both got photos of him.
What made the rest of the day busy was marching band competitions. My daughters had 2 band competitions yesterday. Their band took first place for their division at both competitions! YEA!!!!! We didn't get home until late though... Next week's band competition is even farther than this week's one. I guess I can catch up on sleep when they are grown. Sleep is overrated anyway...

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  1. Thanks for the lesson on butterflies! I learned something today! Such gorgeous flowers! Fabulous pictures! It looks like the butterfly wranglers had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing!