Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall Leaf Print Tutorial

For this technique, I used a green leaf
that was moist and pliable, my brayer and post it notes.
I have a limited supply of ink,
but what I used was yellow, green,
orange, red and brown (cabin fever is my brown).
I also used my acrylic block.

I inked up my brayer using the brown.

I placed my leaf with the top side of
the leaf face up on my acrylic block.
I brayered over the leaf making sure
that the whole surface of the leaf was inked.

I cleaned my brayer. I placed the leaf, ink side
down on my cardstock. I then used the
brayer to push the leaf onto the paper.

I carefully pulled up the leaf and reapeated the steps
a couple more times.

After inking the leaf, it was time to make the
masks for the leaf prints. I traced around the
edges of the leaf with a pencil.

I cut the leaf masks out.

I made tape loops to put on the back of the
masks. To make the tape less sticky I put the tape
on the back of my hand first.

I place the masks over the leaf prints. I then used the post it
notes to do the retiform technique that I described in
a previous tutorial. I used the inks in this order:
Yellow, Green, Orange, Red and lastly Brown.

Here is what it looked like when I removed the
post it notes.

I stamped little flourishes with the brown ink.

I used my itty bitty background stamp with
brown ink to add some texture.

These four cards were made with this technique.


  1. Absolutely awesome, MariLynn!!

    I'm headed out to find some leaves!!!

  2. MariLynn this is so cool. I have never tried this. My brayer doesn't like me.. Great job..I need to try this.

  3. Wow! it is so cool. I will definitely try this.