Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Every fall for the past couple of years our cubscouts have attended the fall cubanapolis. The boys decorate boxes and pretend that they are race cars. They run around a track. They have 3 pit stops. After the first lap, they have to FUEL - they drink water from a dixie cup.
After the next lap, they have to have their WINDSHIELDS washed - we spray their goggles with a spray bottle and wipe them off with a paper towel.
After the next lap, they need to get NEW TIRES- the boys have to take their shoes off and put another pair of shoes on.
Then comes the final lap towards the finish line.

Some of the parents go a little overboard buying accessories for the cars, and you can tell that the boys didn't get to touch the cars until the day of the race. What fun is that? Kaleb has had a lot of hands on for his cars. This year he want to make a HUMMER. That is our project for this week. We are getting ready for this Saturday. I hope to have a photo of this years car soon.

This was Kaleb's car last year. It was a Bakugan car per his request!

This was his car the year before. It was actually a big rig truck!

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  1. That is really great. I showed it to my sons and they thought it's cool to do that.