Saturday, September 5, 2009

Don't blame me, Blame the purse

OK, I wish I could say that every card I make is a work of art, and looks like I wanted it to. I'ld be happy just to say I make pretty cards. But I can't honestly say that. This card was made for the splitcoast inspiration challenge. We were to pick a purse and use it as our inspiration. I picked this purse. I thought I could try and make panels that looked like the mother of pearl panels on the purse. I took an acetate folder and drew with several different markers on the inside. I sprayed the folder with water and put my paper inside the folder and rubbed on the outside. I then stamped flourishes. I took my versamark ink pad and went over the paper and added UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel) and used my heat gun to melt it. I then cut the paper into squares with rounded corners. I sewed each panel in the corners. It looked really plain and ugly at that point. I decided that what it needed was "beads" because it looked like the purse had beads. So I took a white colored pencils and made little circles all around the panels. I then outlined them in black. Then my card didn't look plain and ugly, it was busy and even uglier. I asked both of my daughters for help. Sometimes when I am stuck I will ask them and they will make good suggestions as to what the card needed. Kristina, my second oldest daughter looked at the card and looked at the purse and said "Mom, you picked an ugly purse to start with." She did however suggest that maybe a ribbon would help. I added a pink ribbon and heated it with my heat gun to make it melt and crinkle. It still needed something so I added hot glue pearls. When I finished I thought to myself this is such and ugly card who could I send it too? I still haven't figured that out. It is growing on me though.

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  1. ha. I know the feeling--I always think, "would it better to throw it in the garbage and start over fresh?" I have thought this many, many times and said to my husband, "this is not working for me!". better luck next time!!