Monday, November 23, 2020

Wait for the Lord

This song sung by Shane and Shane  "I will wait for you"
based off of Psalm 130 was running around in my head. 
As I was watching a friend's craft video I was playing along with the colors she used. Thanks Keri for the inspiration. Not my usual colors.  I scribbled and wrote the lyrics from the chorus on the pages. 

I did that to both sides of this layout. This layout in my bible/ Junk /art journal was made by putting two bill envelopes open and back to back. I also added a smaller part of another envelope to be in the center. It gave me lots of places to journal. 

I sprayed the gel stick scribbles with water and moved the pigment around. Then I used my gel press and ARTploration ALL BLOOMS stencil

Because of the fold in the envelopes you can see a previous page on the back of the left panel.

Left side. I drew the letters, then painted them white and then added stripes then changed my mind and tried to paint them white again. I kinda like the subtle texture that the stripes add.

The little journaling pages in the middle.

Back page, when I used my heat gun to dry melted the little envelope window, so I covered it with a piece of scrap paper. Looks like it was meant to be there.

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  1. Oh what a fabulous journal page MariLynn - love the colours you used in your background, and the way the texture from the envelopes has filtered through in places. The 'patch' over the hole is perfect
    Stay safe