Monday, November 9, 2020

Giving thanks in all circumstances journal page - gel printing texture with broccoli

Today in my Bible Junk/Art/Journal, I decided to do 
1 Thessalonians 5:18

I started by putting white paint down on both pages. These pages started life as a church bulletin and an employee letter home for Dr. Pepper to their employees about winter weather clothing. 
I don't usually gesso or put white paint down but I really wanted a blank canvas.

After the paint dried I got out my set of kingart gel crayons. I bought them last Christmas but I have struggled using them. Today I had some success. 

I scribbled just to add color down.

I then sprayed the page with water and spread color around with my fingers. 

I made gel prints using my gel press and a broccoli stem. (what was left when I cut off the blossoms)

Doesn't it make a cool organic texture?


I stamped music notes and this cute little bird from Sweet n Sassy Singing Praises set. 


  1. Well, we eat our broccoli but I might have to steal a bit for artwork. This is fantastic in design! Great page!

  2. What an amazing result MariLynn - I use the stem as well, so nothing left for printing :)
    Stay safe