Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Bee kind and compassionate to one another

In my Bible junk/art journal. 
I got to a folded out page from my church bulletin. 

The small folded over page. I  went and covered with white paint.

Then I scribbled over the page with kingart gel sticks

I spayed with water and tapped with my fingers to make them blend together. 

I then collaged some scrap papers

Honeycomb stencil. stamped bees and flowers. Hand lettering. 

Next page opens out to the 3 sections. Covered them with white paint.

Scribbled with kingart gel sticks

Again I sprayed with water and tapped with fingers to blend


  1. You always find such great ways to do your designs.

  2. What a great use of a church bulletin - and a wonderful transformation!
    Stay safe