Thursday, July 2, 2020

Mixed Media- Cubism

This week's Splitcoast Stampers Mix-ability Challenge. MIX388 is to be inspired by the art of Georges Braque.

I made two entries in my Bible junk/art journal.
I started with a couple of prints that I made using my gel plate and STAMPlorations-ARTplorations
All Bloom Stencil

I drew a drawing with a guitar theme. 3 curved lines make the guitar, plus the circle and half a circle. I added a heart and lots of lines. Then I traced it to make a pattern that I could use to cut my mono print into pieces to add to my page. After I cut out the pieces and glued them down I water colored the in between spaces with complimentary colors. "Vision" is the monthly theme of a facebook(bible/journaling/gel press) group that I am part of. 
I was thinking that cubism style is party because the artists see things a whole lot different than reality. I decided to play along with the vision theme and add the words for
 "BE THOU MY VISION" one of my favorite hymns. I pulled out 7 or 8 alphabet sets and used a different set to make a poison pen letter look. 

I used a sharpie marker to go around the panels. I also added music notes. \

The second journaling page was actually the one I started on at first.  I didn't get a photo of the print I cut up. but I used the same stencils as I listed above. I kinda got carried away with the colors. the red really stood out and I really didn't like it. That is why I made the second one. But as I have mentioned so many times, "If I don't like it, it isn't done." So after finishing the other page I saw this page sitting on my desk. I got out markers and started doodling. I doodled the piano keyboard. I added flowers to the one guitar and drew lines on other and added music notes and a treble clef in another. I also went around the edges with a sharpie marker. I added the words SHOW ME. Not only does it go along with the scripture that I picked it also had meaning to me because I live in the SHOW ME state. 

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  1. Amazing work MariLynn - ironically I love the second one more than the first :) I guess that illustrates that God has made us all unique individuals..
    Stay safe