Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Bubbles, mist, only here for a little while

This is one of my recent pages in my bible junk/art journal. I really like how it turned out. I was inspired by a video that my daughter shared of my grand daughter sitting blowing bubbles. How quickly the bubbles pop and disappear is how short our lives are. A mist that is here today and then gone. 

I put a circle stencil down on my gel press. I laid  a floral stencil on top of that and used chalk that I applied with q-tips. I only did the flowers in the open circles.  Then I rolled white acrylic paint over the stencil and lifted it.

This is how my gel press looked when I pulled the stencil up. (I know it looks black, but it is just stained a pretty teal color.  Gel presses are clear when they are new. This one is very loved. I would rather have a stained Gel Press that is played with than a clear one that never leaves it's box. ) The pretty chalk is "trapped" between the Gel press and the acrylic paint. 

This is the print that I pulled.  I loved how it turned out. I doodled and added stamping and stenciled bubbles and I added highlights with a gel pen. I wrote the scripture with a black pen. 


  1. What amazing work with the gel plate MariLynn, and I so love your finished page - it is fabulous
    Stay safe