Friday, April 15, 2016

Imperfect dreams

Doesn't this card have a dream like quality? Well, I thought so. I used more of the journaling cards that I got last weekend. I sprayed gold spray on the card. I added a strip of lace over where the journaling goes. I fussy cut out a flower cluster and stacked it over nesting circles. I have a green circle, a yellow tear drop circle and finally a paper doily. I added cheesecloth, lace, ribbon, pearls, and rhinestones. I really struggled with the pearls on this card. I was trying to rush and when I was gluing them down the hot glue got on the wrong spot. When I tried to move the pearls, it tore the paper a little bit. I thought of ways to fix it but decided to leave the imperfection. Because life isn't perfect is it? Why should I expect my art to be? I scattered rhinestones randomly on the card. I really like how this card turned out.

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