Friday, June 12, 2015

Robots riding around on Father's day

Mountain Plains Crafters- Celebrating the men in our life. Father's Day Inspiration

Slim Jim and Albert  are back again. I wanted to try and make a Father's Day card with my two robots. I thought awhile how I wanted to draw them. I first thought of fishing, because that
 is a dad activity right? Well, I don't EVER remember my dad going  fishing. The closest
he got was going to Red Lobster for dinner. 
Then I thought of sports. My dad's favorite sport is Basketball, I decided not to do that because 
Slim Jim would definitely have the height advantage on Albert. 
So I decided to do cars. My dad loves cars.

Here is a close up of the robots in the car.

I had friends when I was in high school who loved drawing cars. But they were all boys. They would spend hours drawing their favorite cars and drawing concept cars. But I don't think I have drawn a car before. Definitely a practice in perspective. The hardest part for me were the tires. The two sides of my brain were arguing. One side said draw them oval and flat at the bottom to get the right perspective, The other side said, draw them like round circles. Because tires are round. Hopefully someday they will learn to get along and I'll draw the perfect car but until then...

Happy Father's Day dad. You have always loved and encouraged me. My love of art and creating comes from you and mom.

The license plate on the car is my dad's. It has special meaning to him and kind of a family joke about his job.


  1. I started laughing when I saw this. Good 'ole Slim Jim and Albert! They are just too cute!

  2. Oh MariLynn this card is fabulous - Slim Jim and Albert are obviously going to have lots of adventures in that car, and your Dad will love it, I am sure.