Saturday, August 11, 2012

Roses for Rose

This week's SCS Ways to Use it Challenge, WT387 was to make a card with something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. That is where I started with this card. The something old, is this rose dp. I thought that this paper was especially gorgeous, and have been hesitant to use it, but it just felt right for this card. The something new, was this week's NEW sketch at MOJO MONDAY, MOJO253,. The something borrowed, was this TUTORIAL from my friend Pat. I have tried several ways to make paper roses. This one from Pat is super easy. I think the results look more like rose buds than other ways of making roses. The something blue is hard to see, because my camera didn't pick it up too well, there a little blue splotches on the dark pink background. It kinda looks like someone flicked blue paint accidentally onto it. There is a little bit of blue behind the greenery behind the dp roses.

A lot of times as I am making my cards, I will get a feeling that it is supposed to go to a certain person. I believe that this is the Holy Spirit leading me. This week as I was making this card, I was thinking about my friend, Ardy's mom. She has been visiting from Arizona. I have been calling her "ARDY'S MOM" I know that she gets lonely, and as I was making this card, I felt the Holy Spirit's leading to give it to her. Now, I didn't want to address it to ARDY'S MOM, so I texted my friend and asked for her mom's name. When I got the response, I got chills down my spine. My friend's mom's name...? ROSE.


  1. Such a precious card and how neat that God impressed upon you to use the roses for Rose - thanks for sharing that!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  2. I love your card, and have tried My friend, Pat's tutorial also, with not as good results. I'm sure this card will minister to Rose.Beautiful!

  3. Oh MariLynn what a beautiful card and I love your 'story' behind it, and the recipients name :-) God is so good.