Friday, July 20, 2012

MFP July Blog Hop Day 4 Hot & Spicy

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I decided to go with a very CAS card. So not my usual style, but I love how these chili peppers look, and I decided to let them speak for themselves. Only one layer on this card. I stamped the peppers and "HOT" with black stazon ink. I used 5 different shades of red to color the peppers. What is fun with this set is the coloring, and the most fun is seeing how these peppers look where I don't color. The highlights really make the image pop.I then used one of the reds to draw lines around the images. I also used a cuttlebug border to emboss a line between the two. It is kinda hard to see in the photo. I then sprinkled gold embossing powder over the card and heated. I liked the look of the randomness.

There is another reason that I made a CAS card. I wanted to emphasis how much fun simple can be. When I first saw this set, this is what I heard in my head.

 "Not last night but the night before...24 robbers came knocking on my door... I asked them what they wanted... This is what they said.... "H" "O" "T" hot peppers!!"

Do you remember this? I volunteer and work with a lot of youth programs with scouts and our church. I am saddened that so many simple games that I played as a child are being lost on this generation. I have played these games with my own kids, but the kids in the programs have never played, jacks, marbles, hide and seek, hand clapping games or jump rope rhymes. These kids think of a game  as something that has to have a cord or controller and is hooked up to a computer or television.  A very sad statement indeed. If you know any little kids, I challenge you to share one of these older, simple games with them. 

This is a card I made the other day using this set.
. It made me think of a giant tortilla chip. I love
Tex-Mex food. I grew up in New Mexico and Arizona.
The midwest is a nice place to live, but they don't really
know what Tex-Mex tastes like. 
What they call hot here in Iowa, I taste and go, that
isn't hot. The hottest food I have ever had, was
in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I had green chili 
enchiladas, that made you feel like your mouth 
and stomach were on fire. I could go for some of that
right now. How about you? 


  1. MariLynn these are fabulous images and cards :-). Love the randomness of the gold embossing on the top card, and the gold embossed peppers on the black in the other one.

  2. Beautiful cards again - so creative

  3. I love these cards. The backgrounds are great but the whit highlighting brings out the Hot Peppers as if you could reach out and touch them. Thank you for letting us share these cards.

  4. I like the gold sprinkled over the card and your giant tortilla chip card is a real winner. Good job coloring those peppers. The hottest I've had was in El Paso, TX. Yeow........set me on fire. :-)

  5. I like the gold splashes and red lines on your first card -- bumps up CAS a little! And that second card is so creative!

  6. I love your spicy and hot cards, but not spicy foods.

  7. Good job with the chili peppers. I like the first card with the chili and gold speckled background.
    stamping sue

  8. good job with both your cards like the gold speckled background.
    stamping sue

  9. Really awesome cards, Marilyn! I am a "hot" fan and living here in Colorado, we know how to make it hot! I made a roasted green chili casserole last night and had to eat my daughter's and her gf's portion as it was too hot for them:)

  10. Wow this is fabulous. I love the gold dots all over. Great job on both cards and TFS AJ~

  11. Especially like the gold splattered look. I used this gold splattering on a 4th of July house shaped card I made. Your cards are HOT looking indeed. These make me think of Tex Mex food.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  12. Wonderful cards, Marilynn, I love the gold!!

  13. You always come up with wonderful cards, MariLynn...and you did it again here.

  14. The highlights on the peppers really give them dimension, makes them look rounded. Great job! I didn't know you could just sprinkle embossing powders and heat and it would stick....I thought you had to have a moist base to sprinkle them on. Did you heat from underneath or did the heat gun create the randomness? Inquiring minds want to know, McGyver! : ) Your second card is quite elegant.

  15. Your CAS cards showcase the images well. I too wonder what will happen when kids don't know how to play without technology.

  16. wow MariLynn--both of these cards are fabulous!!! Love the background you created on both of them, although totally different! Great job as always!!!! TFS

  17. Great cards Marilynn! I love the idea of randomly sprinkling embossing powder like you have done. I think your second card is one of the best I have seen with that sketch! Well done!

  18. Wonderful cards, especially like the first. You did a great coloring job-love the white highlights! Thanks for sharing. (I'm with you--nothing like a good game of jacks or marbles!)

  19. Love the gold sparkle and your colors are great with chili peppers.