Sunday, June 3, 2012

That a starry sky offers a better view....

My wonderful stampin' Sister Diane, picked a fabulous verse for our contemplation this week.  I
Isaiah 40:26— “Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one and calls forth each of them by name. Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.”

This last fall, on Wednesday nights, we did a series on creation at church. We watched a video series and the pastor on the series talked about how big our galaxy really is and the universe contains uncountable galaxies. The scripture that jumped out at me during that study was that no matter how big the universe is, God held up his hand to measure it. Those are pretty big hands. Big enough to place, my family, my troubles, my hopes, my desires... my life into!!

Isaiah 40:12 "Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand,
    or with the breadth of his hand marked off the heavens? ..."

Diane's challenge was: Create a card that depicts any element of heaven—angels, music, clouds, sun, stars, blue, glitter, bling, etc.
Our wonderful sponsor this week  Market Street  has such wonderful stamps. I just fell in love with this camping set. I made the stars on my card using the little hearts and circles that are in the set.

 The inspiration for my card was the song "Gratitude" by Nicole Nordeman. The song basically asks God for his provision and like how I often do starts by telling God how we want him to do it, but then it switches to saying "Or maybe not, not today, Maybe you'll provide in other ways. And if that's the case. I'll give thanks to you with Gratitude."

The part that has always hit me in this song is where she sings about asking God to "keep us safe beneath our sturdy roofs this time." Then she goes on to say  what is on my card.

 Usually when I want to add sentiments to my cards that are not stamps, I use my printer, but because I wanted it to look like night, I decided to hand-write the sentiment.  . 

Check out what my Stampin’ Sisters in Christ have created to share with you.

This is the song "Gratitude" by Nicole Nordeman. I hope it touches your heart like it does mine.


  1. MariLynn thank you for sharing - I too have taken great comfort from the fact that God's hands are so big, and my name is written on them!
    Love your card - the hand writing and the fabulous fire. The sky looks so realistic too.

  2. MariLynn...I love your sweet card and your treasured comments. Our great God is big enough to hold the stars in place, name them one by one; yet He is close enough to live in our hearts. Amazing. Love every element of your card, and the handwritten sentiment fits the card very well. Be blessed this week with God's heavenly perspective in all that you do.

  3. Love this card. What a beautiful sentiment. Your writing is so nice, too!

  4. Was the film you saw "How Great is Our God" tour with Louie Giglio by any chance?

    This particular film is jaw-dropping amazing! God's glory in the starry firmament is so breath-taking.

    I seen this film a good year or more ago and it left a lasting impression on the greatness of God and how can we cannot put Him in a box and limit Him to anything less than the miraculous. He is a star breathing, miracle working God.

  5. Happy Sunday Marilynn! Great job with this challenge, your card is very cute! Loved your post and enjoyed this song. Thank you for all the inspiration you continually provide. Keeping you in prayer this week. Hugs, Kris

  6. Hi MariLynn! Such a cute card! Love the camping theme...brings back many happy memories of camping out under the stars! very nicely done!
    Praying for a blessed week for you!

  7. MariLynn I love that little campfire image too (how can we tell?) And I have heard sermons too on the vastness of this universe and it makes me feel grateful and humbled at the same time, to know the God that created all of the stars also created me. This is a very cute card!

  8. Hi Marilynn

    I have been concerned about you these past couple of weeks... I hope you are okay and just to let you know, it was great having you drop by :D

  9. Hi, Marilynn! First of all, thank you for posting the link to that beautiful song because I was about to go and look it up since I hadn't heard it before. I LOVE your card!! You did so good writing the sentiment. Hope you are having a great week! Hugs!!! :)

  10. Your card is beautiful! I love that it look like night time with your sentiment illuminating in the dark! Have a blessed week-end! ~H