Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I would like you to meet Marla Moo. She isn't like most midwest Guernsey cows. She came with me to my friend Cindy's teaparty. Now Cindy had a Holstein cow teapot and card. She also linked to a website for Happy Cow Auditions. I don't have anything against Holsteins, but who says that happy cows can't be any other breed? Marla thought that the rest of the cows auditioning were a little boring they had almost no talent. She once came upon a book by Glen Wexler called The Secret Life of Cows. She was amazed at all they could do. It was shortly after this that she got a job as a carhop at the local diner. She intertained the customers as she skated to 50's music. The economy in the midwest caused the diner to close down and so she has decided to travel to California to do her auditions for becoming a Happy Cow. So if you remember, VOTE FOR MARLA!!!

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  1. Is this the Marla that was married to Donald Trump?? Yikes! Alisha might not win if she puts big money behind her!!! Thanks for always making the teaparties so fun Marilynn. You are da bomb. Both your cards were to die for! I just love those little paper roses you do! What a creative one you are!