Thursday, February 2, 2017

Glue stick resist

The MIX-ability challenge  this week was to use a glue stick to resist watercolor. I wasn't really sure what I thought it would look like. I am a visual learner and since I didn't see any examples before starting all I had was the directions to draw with a glue stick let it dry then watercolor. So this project  was pure experiment. I didn't want to  just draw. I decided to use the glue stick over a stencil. My first phot, I darkened it so you can the glue. I hope you can sort of see it. 

Here is what it looks like after I watercolored it.

I added inka gold metallic rub. I also splattered with black acrylic paint. My dragonfly has glittery wings and sequins.


  1. This timed out so pretty. Lovely bg for the dragonfly!

  2. Ah, that's a stencil!!! Brilliant. Love all those colors and your dragonfly wings are gorgeous!

  3. Fantastic looking card. Sounds like a fun technique to do.

  4. What a gorgeous card MariLynn - love the dragonfly, and it just floats over the delightful background.