Friday, February 13, 2015

Mini - Daily art journal

There seems to me to be a trend in the paper crafting world to do calendar journaling art. I first noticed it when my friend Lydia started her calendar. I really liked the idea of doing art everyday and I liked the idea of the small canvas of 2"x21/2" that the calendar rectangles provided. I almost went out and bought a calendar to do the journaling. but then I decided not to. Partly because I didn't want to spend the $ on a calendar and partly because I  have to do things my own way. I knew I had lots of white cardstock scraps. So I cut several into 2"x2 1/2"  rectangles. I punched holes at the top. Then I went and bought some key rings. Total cost for my journal $2. 
I think my way of doing the journaling has several advantages. 
#1. I don't have to mask off adjoining rectangles. I can get messy without worrying about yesterday's or tomorrow's rectangles.
#2. If I mess up I can always just start again. (A little harder when you have the calendar)
#3. If you miss a day of journaling on a calendar, the  BLANK rectangle is readily noticed. Unless you looked at each one on my journal, it would be a lot harder to notice a missing day.
#4. I have limited craft space, so if I had a calendar it would take up a lot more space than my little journal which can fit in my pocket.

I would love for you scroll through this post and look at what I've done so far. When I bought the key rings, I have extras. Leave a comment on this post and I'll pick 2 people to send key rings too so you can make a little art journal too.

January 30 (more rain drop practice)
January 31 ( went bowling with my kids for my youngest son's birthday)
February 1 (little canvas- used only top part of lighthouse - wink of stella on light rays)
February 2( watercoloring outside the lines)
February 3(mixing watercoloring. wink of stella on wings and tail.)
February 4
February 5
Feburary 6(using a small image from a set that I rarely used because it was so small - perfect for small canvas. Hard to watercolor though. I had to use a really small brush)
February 7 (old lady bug stamp-not a lot of difference between image and back so I ended up getting some ink on the back and as a result on my page. I decided to go with it by masking my bug and stamping newsprint stamp, itty bitty background stamp and alphabet stamps.
February 8 ( more old stamps)
February 9 (I used one of my oldest SU stamps 1996. I found this stamp on a gravel road.)
February 10( I used another old stamp of mine. The little tulips, I masked several times to add depth)
February 11
February 12(WT518- Music - I love to play the guitar, piano and ukelele but I also love to listen to music. so I decided to draw treble cleff and music notes and make a little record album. Remember those...???)
February 13 (MIX107 sentiment mashup- I mashed up "L" from one alphabet set with "ove" from another set)


  1. really cool! I CANNOT start another journal... can.not. but now I really want to! these are really cool {yep, said it twice}

  2. Oh my gracious!!! This is amazing!!!! I love everything about it. I love how you saved your ladybug entry! Such a fun idea to add an event of the day such as your bowling page. Oh! I really want to do one now!

  3. Love this for so many reasons! I am doing a similar thing, just a little larger than yours. Fun!!

  4. I absolutely love these journal entries - you are so creative!

  5. are such the smart one!! I did buy a calendar...But maybe 2016...I"ll do it your way!!

  6. Wow! I especially love the flower and the hummer, you rebel, you!

  7. Oh MariLynn this is not only beautiful, but inspired - I love what you have done!! And I hear you about limited space.

  8. Oh these are so fabulous, just became your latest follower.